Thursday, April 23, 2015

Approaching O.N.E.

It's been awhile…it's been too long, since I blogged.  Baby Preslee is quickly approaching ONE.  Hard to believe a year has almost passed since she came into our lives and rocked our world.  She is my baby that is quickly turning into a toddler.  Not quite walking, but finding her own unique independence at every turn.  She climbs up the stairs while laughing, pulls herself up on the couch and chairs and is getting ready to walk.   Says Dada, Baa, Mama, claps, sings, dances, loves her brother, the water, being outside in the fresh air, loves rocks, trucks and dolls.  To say the least she will be well-rounded, I can see that.  A little bit of her brother's toughness, but girly at the same time.  In the past few months (since I blogged last) we have celebrated Christmas, New Year, Easter, Grandpa Bob's Seattle retirement, JJ's birthday, Daddy's birthday…I am forgetting, but more for sure!  We have traveled to Mt. Hood, St. John, ShaSha & Grandpa Dan's and have been extremely busy!  Now I am in party planning mode for her first birthday - so crazy and hard to believe.  Can't wait to celebrate her milestone soon. *I will blog about Christmas, Mt. Hood, St.John and everything else soon!

Brother and Sister swinging in the park and cold, spring day. 

Easter Bunny did good!

Dyeing Easter eggs with cousins is serious business!

Opening Easter baskets at ShaSha and Grandpa Dan's house.

Hi Mama!

Oh the anticipation of what's inside!!!!

Mom, Stephanie, Becci and Cindy enjoyed a girls night - guys stayed back and watched the kids :).

My little artist!

Love all of the beautiful colors.

Best place to be on the farm - besides the Gator. 


This is a night when Carson decided to get EVERY SINGLE PILLOW and bring downstairs to build a fort.  It turned into hours of playing and laughing and then movie time.  SO much fun!

Sibling LOVE 

Easter Egg HUNTERS on the loose!!

This outfit…so cute!

Grandpa Dan and baby P.

Mommy - Baby Tessee can go down the slide too?!

Almost ONE!  

Daddy went to the Mariner's game and all he got me was this AWESOME vintage track suit!

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