Thursday, November 13, 2014

Because Birthdays are a BIG deal. Aye, Aye Matey!

Happy Birthday to our baby boy…err I mean toddler.  Carson turned 3 on November 6th and boy did we celebrate in true Pirate style!  The Guest of Honor walked into his preschool and it was filled with all of his favorite things at the moment (most of which included Jake and the Neverland Pirates, all of his friends and his Shay Shay, Nene and both Grandpas).  Bubba you were a true birthday boy and sure do know how to celebrate.  Mommy forgot the candles to the cake, but that didn't stop you from "blowing out" a pipe cleaner…in fact you loved making a wish so much, you blew twice :).  That was one of my favorite moments from you're party.  We all had so much fun celebrating you!  
You woke up to balloons on the morning of your actual birthday…you loved them! 
Our Birthday Boy as a Newborn, 1 year old,  6 months and 3!! 

You loved your new firehouse b-day gift from Mommy, Daddy and baby Presee!

Mommy took you're actual birthday afternoon off of work to spend with just you.  We went to several different parks and played and played!  It was windy and rainy, but that didn't stop us.  It was such a great afternoon.  I love you!

Birthday afternoon at the park.  I hope your cheeks stay like this :).

You showed me your newest tricks.  I figured if you fell at least the slide would catch you.  AHH you make me nervous sometimes…so fearless!

Birthday afternoon, park time!  

Hey Mommy, I'm 6 months…do I get a birthday party too??

Pirate Party time! 

Pirate Bay Water 

Golddeblooms, Pirate hats and eye patches.

The Treasure Table! Candy, necklaces and all kinds of goodies!

Mardi Gras or Pirate Party??!!

Jake was the centerpiece for the kids tables 

Our friends, Niveen and Baby Enzo

Trying to get a pic with Shay Shay and Grandpa Dan.  You absolutely didn't want your play to be interrupted…oops!!

Baby Harrison joined in on the Pirate fun! 

Mr. and Mrs. Cute had a great time! 

Playing with one of your gifts from the party!

Preslee getting some Shay Shay loves. 

Your "dancing face"….shake it, Cars!

This was taken on the evening of you're birthday party.  Pull-up back on, passy in mouth and your crown on. ..I guess this is what 3 looks like.  I was trying not to lose it as you had one more tantrum for the day :)!

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