Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Blinked and She is 2 Months!

Dear Father Time,

Please SLOW DOWN!  I can't believe that our baby girl is two months old already.  She is amazing and continues to leave our hearts bursting at the seams.  She is starting to smile, coo and laugh and enjoy people, especially her brother.  The other day during her tummy time we thought she was going to start crawling!  Preslee is a very strong and ambitious baby.  She had her two month check-up yesterday (July 8, 2014) and Dr. Belarmino said she looks perfect.  Weight was 11lbs 8oz (50th percentile) and length 22 inches (50 - 75th percentile).  She is even fitting into a few of her 3 month old clothes!  Preslee is a trooper and travels really well.  So far she has been to La Grande, OR to visit her cousins (we did a road trip with JJ and Carson when she was just two weeks old), Hood Canal, Toledo and a few other places here and there.  She likes to be where the action is.  We just celebrated the 4th of July and she slept in her carseat on the counter during the party…such a dream baby.  I feel very fortunate to have two easy babies (thus far…knock on wood).

I am feeling myself more everyday and growing more confident with the two kids.  I am having conflicting feelings about going back to work.  I know that once I am there it will all be fine, but I have immensely enjoyed my time with these two munchkins.  Our nanny starts full time on August 4th.  This has been one amazing summer spent with wonderful family and friends.  Our life is full.

Mama and baby

Snugs with big brother are the best 

Dream baby dream

JJ and her five favorites - Preslee just 2 weeks, our road trip to LaGrande, OR 
Few things on this earth are better than a freshly bathed, sleeping baby

One of our rough days :)

Summer nights at the park

Big Brother kisses

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