Monday, April 28, 2014

As Soon as I saw You, I Knew an Adventure was Going to Happen...

Carson - The past 2 1/2 years has been such a fun adventure for your Dad and I!  Thank you for being the best boy a Mama could ever ask for and for teaching me the ropes on this journey of Motherhood.  You have made being a Mom easy and fun and I am so happy that your sis will have the best big brother.  As we prepare for her arrival, I am a little sentimental as you are going to have to share what you know as "Mine Mommy and Daddy"!  I hope you know that your place in my heart is as big as ever and I am just going to grow another whole heart for your sister.  

You are a caring and compassionate boy and you love to keep the peace.  Even if your Dad and I argue…you will pull at Daddy's knee and say "not nice" or "Mama nice to Dada".  Thank you for always being a gentle and loving reminder of pure innocence and LOVE.  The lessons you have taught me are simply immeasurable.  

You will always be my little boy, my bubba bear, my sweetheart, my lovie…this list goes on.  As we start this new chapter by completing our family with a new addition, I so look forward to how you will adapt to your sibling.  I know you will be a gentle soul as you always are.  

I know you will always be up for the next adventure and ready to bring us along.  I know that there will be more bumps and bruises, but with that comes the fearless and bold spirit that I love about you.  I know that you will be a protector for your sister.  I know that my love for you will never change and you will continue to grow and amaze me every. single. day.  I know that your independence will grow.  I know that I will miss these moments of pure craziness that learning your new found independence brings.  

Carson thank you for making me the proudest Mommy on the planet.  I love you to the moon and back and back again…into infinity.

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  2. Michelle! He is so adorable. Loved this. xoxox Leann

    1. Thank you sweetie! Hope you are wonderful! xo <3