Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Essentials and Some New Pics!

Carson has become very attached to a few different items over the past couple of months and I have to say it is very cute to see.  He likes to sleep with his nene and wolfie!  

We are so enjoying the last couple of weekends relaxing at home and getting ready for a new baby…Carson sticks his tummy out and says, "like Mommy".  It is pretty hysterical.  I love the honestly of toddlers.  This age is so much fun.  We love our rough and tumble boy that keeps us on our toes!  

I also had my 33 week appointment and the Doctor said that baby girl is measuring right on target and her heart beat was 147, all perfect.  I feel her moving around all of the time and we are very anxious and excited to meet our new family member.  Here are some pics from the past few weeks:

Nene, Wawa, Wolfie and a Flashlight while watching Thomas the Train…what else does this boy need?

30 weeks along and feeling pretty damn good! 

NEVER underestimate the joy that a dumdum sucker can bring to a kid…it is truly remarkable and only 25 cents!
Me at 33 weeks.  Carson sticking his belly out, "like Mommy's" - oh boy that made Bill and I laugh!  

Our rough and tumble boy with a cut lip and bruised cheek sound asleep after his haircut.  He had an accident with his dump truck and the coffee table.  He is ALL BOY…love him so much!

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