Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh Hi...Blue Eyes!

Carson is just as busy as ever and continues to brighten our days with his smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses.  His vocabulary is growing by hour.  Now he can say, "truck", "train", "bus", "cow", "ball"...goes on.  Instead of "yes" he says, "dub"'s hysterical.  Love our little boy so much!  At his 18 month appointment he still continues to top the charts for height and weight.  He is 34.4" long and that lands him in the 90 - 95th percentile and he is 28.6 lbs, which is 75th - 90th percentile.  His head is still big and in the 95th + category.  The Doc said he will most likely always have a tough time finding hats :).  

Carson loves spending time with Bill and I, but especially loves his baby-sitter, Andrea and her son Aidan.  He also loves to spend time with both set of his grandparents and cousins!  His blond hair is starting to darken up (just a bit), but his eyes are bluer than ever!  He is still ALL boy...and very busy.  Loves to play in the water, climb on ANYTHING, pretend drive, READ books (he LOVES books), loves his blankie and cuddle before bed, he loves the park, exploring outside, MUSIC (Justin Timberlake and McLemore are his favorite), dancing and entertaining.  We LOVE this boy to the Moon and beyond.  Here are some pics from his 18-month photos.  That was an interesting day, our spirited boy made it a very sweaty shoot...scroll to the bottom to see how happy he was towards the end.

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  1. Holy Smokes, that boy is adorable!! I LOVE the pictures!!!! XOXO, Auntie