Wednesday, April 17, 2013

17 Months and Jumping Ahead!

BOY...oh BOY!  Carson turned 17 months on April 6th and he is definitely ALL boy...yep its confirmed (as if it wasn't before)! 

**note - I am kind of skipping ahead (will post Easter and Spring Break at a later date) because I feel the need to update our blog on EVERYTHING that our busy boy has been up to!

Climbing at the park...what he does best!

Carson is growing up so much and looking more and more like a full fledged toddler.  I went to get his second haircut last week and the stylist cut off all of his beautiful, blond curls.  I thought I was going to cry, but Carson loved his new do and if I thought he looked like a toddler before...well he looked even older after the haircut.  It was quite the experience as he ran around Super Cuts shaking his head and feeling free after his trim, he had all of the clients laughing.  One thing I will say about our little guy is that he loves everything that a little boy is suppose to love; from the color blue, to trucks and jumping in mud puddles, this kid is serious business about being a little dude.  He absolutely adores Bill and will do just about anything to be near him.  He will also jump at the chance to be outside and will bring us his shoes to give us a hint of where he would like to be.  Instead of walking he runs around the house and likes to show off his climbing skills (which have resulted in his first black eye and a bruised chin).  Oh my goodness the kid is a mover and a shaker...I have said it from day one.  On top of all of his physical capabilities he is also learning and taking in SO much.  I swear he can understand most of what Bill and I ask of him.  We say Carson "drink your water" he happily sips his water or "wave bye-bye" and he waves and says, "bye" in the sweetest voice.  Sometimes I even get a few kisses from him, while others he uses his selective hearing and refuses!  On top of the words he said before (Mama, Dada, Woof Woof...) he now says "truck", "car", "bus", "trike"...he tries to say many other words as well (we are in that process of deciphering).  He continues to be a happy guy...unless he gets frustrated with a toy or doesn't get his way.  Then he will get upset for a moment, but will move onto something else quickly and forget about the 'major issue'.

We still rock him to sleep at night and give him his bottle, but I think that will be changing soon as he really just wants to put himself to sleep and only have us read him a few bedtime stories.  I guess he really is becoming a little toddler.  It is super fun to watch him take in the world and discover new things everyday.  I watch his wheels turn constantly and I am loving every minute of being his Mommy.  Oh and did I say that he is now riding a trike?  He is (with just a little help from us).

Easter Day 2013

New haircut and playing Chef Carson - April 13, 2013

Taking some trike tips from Dada, his first time on the trike!  March 2013

He really doesn't like the whole helmet thing.  March 2013

Mommy got a new haircut too!  April 14, 2013

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