Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There He Goes on an Adventure...with JJ, Grandpa Dan and the M&M's!

My Mom offered to take Carson for 5 days in mid-January.  She was headed to La Grande to watch the M&M's (Stephanie and E were in Florida for a conference) and figured it would be some great cousin bonding time.  I checked with Bill to make sure he was okay having Carson gone for that long.  He approved, so off Carson went!

I was a little nervous to see him go (although I knew he was in excellent hands)!  I have to admit I did cry as my Mom drove off.  What was I going to do for 5 days without my kiddo??  Well it proved to be exactly what Bill and I needed and we so appreciate JJ and Grandpa Dan for taking such good care of him.  Oh and thanks to the M&M's for entertaining him while he was at your house.

Carson lead the pack...who needs a stroller anyway?  Grandpa Dan making sure all are lined up in a row!

Mozart in the making?  You never know!

Dinner with his cousins!  Great job ShaSha!


"Bye-bye Mama and Dada, see you soon!"

Serious Hawks fans ready to watch the game!  
While baby is away...Mommy and Daddy will play! 

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