Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HoliDAZE 2012 & Happy New Year

Here we are in 2013!  I have been horrible about keeping up this blog lately.  It has been SO busy all around us.  I guess better late than never, Happy New Year and happy 14 - months to our baby boy...who isn't really a baby anymore.  Walking (pretty much running), talking, feeding himself, only bottle is before bed, climbing, laughing, dancing...the list goes on!

Carson now waves and says "bye", he likes to dance and sing, loves to drink from straws and prefers to grab the spoon and feed himself.  He is growing so fast and now has his one-year molars.  He loves to play with his toys and has a great demeanor...a very happy boy!  Loves his independence and lets us know if he doesn't like something.  He will say "NOOO" and "Uh-uh".   He even pointed to a Santa Claus figure said "Santa" during the holidays.  I am sure he is close if not 30 lbs. at this point, our future linebacker.  Also he is fearless...loves adventure!

A few of his favorite things:

1.  His monkey blanket, he takes it and covers his face with it and loves to rub it on his cheeks
2.  Bathtime...LOVES the water and splashing
3.  DADDY.  He walks around and repeats, "Dada, Dada, Dada"
4.  Pictures on my phone.  Grabs my phone and loves to see pics and video of himself and of course his Daddy, Grandparent's and cousins
5.  Shape organizer.  Likes to put shapes in the right places.
6.  Drinking from a cup with a straw
7.  Shoes and socks...he will take them and put up to his feet.  He knows exactly where they go.
8.  Climbing in and of the laundry basket and climbing up and down stairs
9.  Food...loves to try new foods and is a great eater
10.  He loves to 'tackle' his monkey 

We spent the holidays with both sets of grandparents and of course Uncle JD.  The weekend prior to Christmas was spent with Grandpa Dan and Shaha.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day we spent with Grammy and Grampa Giles and Uncle JD.  Carson was spoiled by Santa for both Christmas holidays.  He got a kitchen, trainset, train table, clothes, puzzles, books...the list goes on!!  Grandparents are good and so was SANTA!

We had a fabulous New Year's Eve / New Year holiday at Hood Canal with the O'Leary clan.  Carson and Kelton had so much fun playing together outside in the crisp air and Evelyn let off poppers while the adults sipped champagne and played board games.  We were all in bed by 11:30...Happy New Year!
Caught under the Mistletoe

These two are going to have WAY too much fun together

Our Christmas tree was very 'homemade' this year

Chinese food with Grandpa Dan and ShaSha
Trying to keep up with this active boy can be a tough job :)

Giles Family Christmas 2012

Carson with Grammy and Grampa Giles

Carson and Kelton 01/01/2013

Just some guitar playing going on after bath time!
Hood Canal 01/01/2013
Gorgeous New Year's Day
O'Leary family checking to see if there are any fish to catch
Uncle JD and Carson = Good Buds
Grampa Dan - HONK HONK 
Checking out the Christmas tree.  He was so good about not touching or pulling the ornaments off of the tree!
From Carson's Kitchen to Yours...Merry Christmas!
Carson playing Santa Claus

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