Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Smallest Things...

Our boy is 9 months old!!  We celebrated by feeding him meatloaf, letting him climb 2 flights of stairs and watched while he stood on his own for a couple of seconds.  Yesterday at his Well Baby check-up Dr. Bellarmino gave us his stats - 22.9 lbs (75-90th percentile), 30" long (95th percentile) and 19" head circumference (95th + percentile).  Carson is on the move and there is no stopping him now!  We watch daily milestones unfold and it is crazy how he changes in such a short amount of time.  As of late he is eating right off of our plates and loving every kind of food.  We spent last weekend at Hood Canal with the entire gang and Carson LOVES the water.  He splashed in the pool all weekend long...Eva Costacos actually stated that he could be the next Michael Phelps as she had never seen a baby love water as much.  I guess only time will tell, but next on the list is enrolling our water baby in some swim lessons!  We are having a great summer and our boy is keeping us on our toes.  Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks.  I can't believe in 3 short months he will be a year old, now that is CRAZY! 

Hello World...watch out here I come!

At Hood Canal with my Giles' cousins...I love them very much!

Mommy got a new haircut...I didn't recognize her at first :0!

Grammy Barb took me in the pool for my very first swim, I LOVED it!!

Mommy and I watched Dada play his softball game.  He was the pitcher and has played on the same team for over a decade.

I have some BIG paws!

This is the face I make when Mommy says, "CHEESE"!

Grandpa Dan and I on his 60th Birthday!  He babysat for me while Mom and Dad went to a wedding!

I'm sexy and I know it!

Swinging is my new past time, I pretty much LOVE it.  This was in W. Seattle with Janna and Cole!

Daddy took Mommy on a boat ride at Hood Canal...I didn't get to go.  They had some much needed date time.

This is me and Dada at my 9-month Well Baby appointment.  My Dad is super proud of me and it make him smile really BIG!

Mommy and Daddy on the boat.

Do you think I look like my Dad?  Cuz people say that I do!

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  1. YES he does! I cannot wait to hold and squeeze on that baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!