Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend & First Mother's Day!

May was a VERY busy month for us and I have a hunch that June will be just as busy (if not more so).  Between running a half marathon, a photo shoot, Mother's Day and Bill's trip to Cabo, we didn't have much down time. 

We closed the month with a great weekend spent at Milwood.  The annual Memorial Day "work" weekend was fun, but different this year as we were missing Tom, Lisa, Max and Ava. We did however get to spend quality time with Grammy and Grampa Giles and Uncle JD.  Of course the boys were working very hard.  Someday Carson will be out there helping with chores.  I actually tried to lend a helping hand by blow torching weeds.  I thought I was doing a great job, until I looked out about 10 minutes later and saw smoke billowing from the tennis courts.  It turns out I got a little too close to the kerosene logs...I guess I won't be doing that job again.  Everyone joked that I was trying to burn the place down, "okay you got me I am an secretly a pyro".

Carson did great over the weekend, he loved the fresh salt air and the calm atmosphere.  We were able to introduce him to a majority of the Milwood family and everyone loved him of course.  He received lots of comments on his baby blues, great demeanor and how much he looks like his Daddy ;)!  We also learned how to use a defibrillator, Carson sat on Amy Hoffman's lap the entire presentation and was such a good boy.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are so lucky to have a place like Milwood.

And we are off...Hood Canal here we come!

My little road trip buddy.

The view on my run Saturday morning, gorgeous!

Grampa Giles feeding Carson "num nums" - look at that those grins!

Gramps that was yummy...I want more!!!

All full now ready for a nap @ Hood Canal!

Grammy and Carson on Mother's Day.  Grampa Giles and Uncle JD made us a delicious brunch!

Carson with Grammy Giles, Sha Sha and Mommy.  My first Mother's Day as part of the most amazing club on the planet.

Carson and his Sha Sha the Saturday before Mother's at Redmond Towne Center.

Carson LOVES bathtime!!!!                                                                            

My beautiful boy...we love him SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

Next up our trip to St. Louis and June Fun...Carson is almost 7 months!!!!

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