Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Giles Invade St. Louis and CONGRATS Mr. & Mrs. Z

Six we come!!

St. Louis was ready for us and we were ready for it!  Let me tell you the Giles' know how to jam pack a weekend. Thursday to Sunday was completely full with family, fun and laughter.  Megan was a stunning bride and the wedding was beautiful.  All of the festivities gave us time to spend with relatives we don't often get to see...and I met many of Bill's family members for the first time.  Carson did great and he LOVED spending time with his big cousins, I would say he was maybe even mesmerized by them.  He had many firsts on this trip...first airplane ride and he sat in FIRST class, first wedding, first suit, first carousel ride and first time at a water park.  I was so proud of my boy...he was smiling ear to ear the entire trip, just taking it all in.

On a side note I can't believe our baby is just about 7.5 months old now.  He has 3 teeth, his newest one just popped up about a week ago (upper eye tooth).  His smiles and endless expressions never cease to amaze me.  I love how his eyes light up in delight in the smallest pleasures.  Currently he babbles a lot and I swear I hear him saying "MAMAMAMA"!!  I will catch it on video and post next time. 

Enjoy the pics from our long weekend in St. Louis...we had a blast!!!

The Crew at Six Flags
Carson's first carousel ride!

My boys.

Where to next??

When in St. Louis we say, "GO CARDINALS" or "GO TEAM GILES"!

Megan and Mike's Rehearsal dinner at Peroni's (famous restaurant in St. Louis - yummy fried Ravioli).

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Z...beautiful couple and wedding!

Daddy & Carson in matching suits...oops Carson is holding up the wrong finger!

Wedding was themed, A Night in Paris.

Amelia, Candy and Cake Pops...Oh My!

Uncle JD in a suit, lookin' good boys!

Pics of Grandparents and Parents on their wedding days.

Barb's work of art - table number assignments for the guests!

Gramps and Amelia checking out the loot!

Here we have the Giles, Giles-Pufahl, Matters, Millers, I missing anyone??
SOOOO happy to be reunited with Carson after leaving him for 2 days (at St. Louis airport).

Sweet little ladies...Mira and Sarah.



  1. Wish I could post this to FB -- Your blog is looking great and we really love it. Mom and Dad