Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our "Little" Linebacker...Carson is 4 months!

March has proved to be a busy month for us thus far.  On March 1st we lost my Grandma Crocker at the age of 89, her 90th birthday was right around the corner.  We a celebration of life on March 3rd then on March 4th my Grandpa Crocker was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.  He is on the mend so that is great news!!  On the home front Carson had his first bout with an ear infection in late February (which has since healed with a little Amoxicillin).  Bill and I were both down for the count with sinus / chest colds.  We are all finally all feeling better and ready for spring and some nice weather.

Carson had his 4-month check-up on March 6th and it went great!  Dr. Bellarmino was extremely impressed with our boy and he couldn't believe how strong he is!  These exact words came out of his mouth, "He is a future linebacker" and "Carson you are going to give your Mommy and Daddy a real run for their money".  He was 95th percentile for weight (17 lbs 3 oz), 90th percentile for height (26") and 95th percentile for head circumference.  The appointment went great and I was told to keep doing what we are doing, but to add some solids to his diet. Carson will be enjoying rice cereal this weekend!!

This boy is on the move in addition to rolling across the room, he now gets up on his hind legs and scoots!  He is much more vocal and is starting to find his voice.  Carson LOVES his hands and has one or both in his mouth most of the time. He is also a little drool monster right now so I am pretty sure he is teething.  We have been giving him Hyland teething tablets - they seem to be helping.

Here are some recent pics...

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