Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lucky...oh so Lucky!

Around here...we potty like rockstars!
WARNING: Sentimental Post

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Saturday and not in the usual form that we would have a few years ago.  Instead of wearing crazy amounts of green and heading to a bar in Ballard for some more green beer, we played it low key - very low key.  At the last minute we went over to Bianca and Bob's for some cornbeef and cabbage.  Bill, Carson and I were just sitting around enjoying the day when we realized it was St. Patty's Day and decided we wanted to do something (meaning even a trip to Red Robin would have been great).  It was a nice laid back way to celebrate the "Luck" of the Irish with the Williams and they're baby Brook.  Over the last 4 1/2 months...well actually 13 months our lives have changed so very much, but in the best way possible.  Bill and I spent the weekend just hanging out with our boy and enjoying every single second with him.  In fact I loved my weekend time with Carson so much that when I dropped him off at his baby-sitter Andrea's on Monday (whom I adore and trust to nth degree) I cried like a baby the whole way to work and then again when I got there - first time I had done this by the way!  Thankfully Andrea brought baby C down to my work and we all had lunch together, it was great and totally helped!!

As my baby keeps growing and making daily milestones, I just watch in complete awe.  He has my attention, he has my heart.  Tonight while I was rocking him to sleep I let him sleep in my arms for an extra 45 minutes or so and just looked at his little hands and face and kissed them about 20 times.  I indulged in all of his sweetness and have been doing this a little more lately.  Because someday this boy will be a grown man, he will play his first baseball game, get his driver's license, go to a prom, probably won't like me for a minute (or two), he will talk back, maybe wear a ring on his left ring finger, and someday he may even have a baby of his own.

My baby is healthy and HAPPY...smiles galore!  I pray that he will always be happy - always be healthy...may those big smiles continue forever!  This "baby" time is fleeting and to be able to enjoy these precious moments to the fullest - I am lucky, oh so lucky. 

Our little CW:

Brook and Carson...these two are going to have lots of fun together in the future!

Carson and Daddy have they're Green on and a Guinness in the hand!

Chillin in Brook's crib

We are proud mommies!

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