Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life in the Hood is Sweet!

Our 8th annual trip to Mt. Hood didn't disappoint.  Here is to good laughter, awesome memories, and wonderful family and friends!  I count my blessings every day, but always seem to count a few more after fun weekends like these.  We know how to do a family vacation right...

Mt. Hood in all her glory!

Breakfast in the Hood

Skis on a lunch break

Auntie and Carson bonding time

Mick Mack goes sledding!

Bene and Steph - awesome sled Mamas.

Steph and her girls

Carson got some fresh air and decided to take a nap :)

Say what?  Morgann does smile for a picture - here is proof!

Carson's first trip to the Hood - Half Pint was perfect for our family of 3!

The ones who started this whole mess ;)

My Mountain Man...looking good babe

Dad - thank you as always for a great trip, but thank you also for getting my butt up to the Mountain on Thursday!!

This picture  = LOVE

Go Sha-Sha, Go Sha-Sha, GO GO GO Sha-Sha!!!!!  

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  1. Love the last pic of Mom pulling the girls! So cute, thanks for sharing those!