Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3 weeks to go...

Dear Carson,

Wow baby, time flies!  I can't believe we are so close to your arrival, in fact you could come any day now.  Needless to say your Dad and I are both so anxious to meet you.

We have been talking to you daily and telling you how much we love you.  Your Dad calls you "Little Squirt" we'll see if the name sticks :).  The other night we were sitting on the couch watching TV and while we sat there, we also watched while you rolled back and forth in my tummy.  We saw your little booty stick out and gave it a little pat.  Sometimes I sit and rub my Buddha belly, hoping you might feel my touch and be comforted.  I have also started reading you a few bedtime stories, so you will be familiar with my voice.

Many thoughts are racing through my mind right now.  What will delivery be like?  Who will you look like?  When will you be here?  Will you have hair?  Will I be a good Mom?  What will you be like when you are 16?  Random I know.  Yes these are the types of questions I have asked myself.  I already know you are going to be a sweet baby, I can sense that.

Your Dad and I have joked that we are getting a new best friend.  First we had each other, now we get you...so we'll have everything, that is the saying!

Anyways babe, just wanted to let you know that we are ready for you in more ways than one.

Here is the checklist:
  •  Love...more than enough, so many people love you!
  • Nursery...stocked with massive amounts of clothes, diapers, books, blankets, and even a giant 4' stuffed Giraffe (courtesy of Grandpa Dan).
  • Toys...a swing to get you started, and I am sure you will love toys so MUCH more to follow.
  • Carseat...ready to take you home from the hospital baby.
  • Going home outfits...hospital bag is packed and I have 3 outfits for you (just in case).
  • Necessities...and then some!
Basically all we need now is YOU!  Looking forward to your birthday, and if you are born on your due date, we will be having Halloween themed Birthday parties the next 18 years...or so.

See you soon.



Me at 35 weeks.


  1. your pics are all screwy! I wonder what happened. So frustrating. Sometimes I end up working on my blog for hours! Love you!- Stephanie