Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is Better at the Beach!

Ava, Mira, Amelia, Nolan, and Max - showing off their beach tans!

Last weekend was spent at Hood Canal with the Giles clan - all of us!  We had many reasons to celebrate and a lot was packed into one weekend.  Everyone came out to remember Grandpa Giles on Saturday a day after what would have been his 96th birthday.  He spent many birthdays at Hood Canal, so it was the perfect way to remember him and celebrate his life.  We had a video montage that captured many moments of his 95 years and completed a wonderful evening with family by digging into a Texas sheet cake, courtesy of Barb.  When I say all of us were there, I mean all of us.  Steve, Jennine, Nolan, Mira, and Amelia (they stayed for 10 days) and it was so much fun to see they're smiling faces! Sonia flew in from NYC and Erik, Kara and Alexa from Denver.  Brent came with his family, and Brian and Uncle Gary, plus more.  Hopefully a photo of the entire family will be added soon! 
It was so much fun to see all of the cousins play together, next year Carson will be the little one trying to keep up...this year it was Ava :).  Max and Amelia are pretty much BFF's, wherever there was one blondie, the other was right there too - so adorable.  Mira was such a lovebug and Nolan looked like your typical surfer dude.

On Sunday Bill played golf with his brothers minus Steve who was kind enough to stay behind with Bob and help with the kids, while Jennine, Lisa, and Barb prepared for my beautiful baby shower.  The menu was amazing, and the drinks delicious - complete with Lemonade from scratch.  Many of the Milwood locals attended my shower (the women that is) - they gave us such amazing gifts, everyone was so generous.  In addition to all of the PB Kids bedding, adorable outfits, and baby toys...Barb gave Bill and I his baby book, such a treasured gift.  Reading her letter to us brought tears to my eyes.

It's a Boy!

Lisa, Me, Jennine

Hood Canal baby shower!

Bill and I had so much fun looking through his baby book. 

Bill looking through his baby book.
 I am now 28 weeks along.  Carson moves around a lot and I feel him hiccup now at least once a day.  Bill and I are counting down the weeks for Carson William's arrival, we are getting so excited!  This is such a treasured time for us and we are so lucky to be surrounded by such supportive family and friends.  

28 weeks and counting!!

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  1. cool sounds like fun we can't wait either. dan