Friday, August 5, 2011

The House That Built Me...

Every time that I watch this video or hear this song it makes me think back to my childhood and the house I grew up in on First Street.  I watched my Dad build our treehouse that my sister and I would play in for hours.  I remember my Mom picking out the final details during their major remodel, while my Dad dug a basement out by hand.  I won't forget playing in the backyard on the swing set and watering the Cherry trees.  So many, many memories...I would love to take a stroll through that house some time and just take a few of the memories with me.

I guess I am feeling a little drawn to the nostalgia of my childhood now that I am getting ready to be a Mom myself.  Bill and I have some big shoes to fill!


  1. beautiful and so true love mom

  2. your right you cant go back and it always seems better than it was dan