Monday, August 10, 2015

Preslee is Walking and Official Other "Stuff"...

It has been awhile since I blogged and I have SO much to share!  Our Preslee girl is now officially walking, just shy of 15 months she decided that she was going to take that next step to independence.  It was so exciting to see her find that confidence and literally take the next step.  She is such a fun baby and feisty, lol!  Here are some fun Preslee facts at 15 months:

Loves to SCREAM and POINT! I have said numerous times that I am raising the next Mariah Carey.  The girl knows what she wants and will scream until she gets it (oh and points).  She loves her big brother so much and the more he rough plays with her the more she laughs and has fun.  She is very feisty and recently has started biting.  There is no sitting still for her through diaper changes or anything else for that matter.  She is a girl on the go and has always has a mission.  She loves to meet new friends and absolutely LOVES dogs and kitties.  Whenever she sees a doggy she says, "woof woof" and kitty she will point and in the sweetest voice say "mow mow".  Both Carson and Preslee have an infinity for animals.  Preslee loves to play with stacking and sorting toys and sometimes gets into brother's small Lego pieces.  We are working on that.  She is adventurous girl who loves to be outdoors…eating rocks, being on the grass, climbing toys, being on the swing (loves it), chewing on everything, smiling, laughing and talking.  A funny Preslee story, she will go into her room and open a drawer and pull out her clothes, then take a shirt and put it up to her head and try to "get dressed".  She does the same with shoes and tries to put them on her feet, so fun to watch.  She also pulls up her shirt and points at her belly button when you say, "show me your belly button". She waves and says "hi" and "bye bye", says "dada" and "mama".  She still loves her sleep and sleeps through the night and goes right down for the most part.  Her naps have now transitioned to one per day, usually between the hours of 11:30 to 2:30.  Then she will go down for the night around 8 pm.  She loves bath time and her Minnie Mouse ride on that ShaSha gave her for her first birthday.  We just love this baby girl to pieces and all of the fun and excitement she adds to our family and life!

Carson update:  Just a few months to go until he is 4!!  His newest obsession is LEGOS!  He loves to build Lego sets with his Daddy and loves Lego men.  In fact he asked me the other day "who built me?" I wasn't sure of the question and he said, "you know like I build the Lego guy…who built me?" I replied, "you are half mommy and half daddy, and we both picked out every piece of you…then God gave you to us whole and you turned out to be just what we asked for and more." I am loving this age.  All of his inquisitiveness, zest for life, excitement about his passions (especially Legos), understanding what an allowance is, wanting to help with chores and his "Baby Testee" (yes that's what he calls her).  He loves his friends, cousins, new friends, mama, daddy, grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Carson is a family oriented person and enjoys being at home just as much as he enjoys an adventure (sometimes he prefers home).  Recently he went to swim lessons and his favorite part was going off the diving board.  He told me he wants to swim without wings!  I have high hopes for this kid…as I watch his intelligence flourish and social skills develop.  He is an amazing big brother and son, we are so lucky!!

We have had an amazing summer filled with family, friends and new adventures.  Fall is on the horizon and we are looking forward to having my sister and her family close as they just moved to Toledo!  So many amazing changes in the works.  Summer was amazing and life is good.

Here are some pics from the last few months:

Ready to JUMP! 

At our favorite playground going down the slide!

Last day of preschool…year one down and two more to go :)

Getting ready to run the Seattle Rock n Roll 8 k…go us!

Summer evening on the Kirkland waterfront. 

Twins with a top knot and a bow!

Cool Breeze

Preslee using the remote control as a phone and saying, "hi". 

Morning cartoons in bed. 

Pushing his "wolfies" around in a baby doll stroller.  This pic will be used at his HS graduation :).

4th of July with ShaSha at Lake Cushman.

Happy 4th from us! 

Our little family…far from perfect, but a work in progress. 

Sparklers with cousin, Amelia.

Just getting some sun at Hood Canal.

Met up with the Chapmans at Alderbrook on the Canal. 


End your day with a happy thought, a smile and grateful heart. 

We love the Chapmans. 

Playing at the beach house and decided to sit in the doll house. 

Happy Girl!

Celebrating Amira's 4th Birthday!

Ready for a walk to the park!

Me and my baby girl.

Cousin Max helping Preslee take some steps at Hood Canal.

Playing trucks!

Giles Cousins

Silly faces!

Hey Mom, "Uncle JD brought Busch Light…wasn't that your favorite in college?" LOL!

Favorite meal, spaghetti!

Hot tubbing' at ShaSha and Grandpa Dan's 

Ice cream with cousins Mak and Morgann.

Life on the farm; pants are dirty and there is a lot of water and smiles!

What can I say, my kids like to eat rocks…yep!

more rocks!

Trying on Mommy's hat.

Daddy and Carson puddle jumping on our first rainy, summer day in a long time!

Serious mission 

Our version of "pool time" 

Water table fun!

Carson asked me to take a picture of his Lego Men and Batmobile he built with Daddy.

This day they played with Legos for two hours straight…no stopping!

My pretty baby girl

Oh the places you'll go!

Love both of these beauties.

Taylor Swift concert!

TS 1989 Tour at Century Link - MaKenna's first concert!

Love these girls so very much!

This is what 8 looks like…isn't she so pretty!  

Carson and Bill at the Rainiers game. 

The boys taking in the game!  Family time…Steph and family just moved to farm this weekend!

Me and my Baby Daddy

I think she likes the view from Grandpa Dan's shoulders!! 


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