Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Boy is almost 2!

One of your Summer adventures with Andrea!
Carson, little buddy!  You are about to have another birthday under your belt!  Although you aren't quite two...I think you have reached what some call the "terrible twos".  Mommy is seeing your independent side more and more everyday.  Some mornings are easier than others.  For example...some days you go right in the car seat and are ready for the day...while others I am literally astonished as you use all of your strength to detest the car seat with all of your might.  All I can say is that you are one strong, little boy.  You love to run around the house and yell at the top of your lungs while pushing one of your trucks or other toys.  Your favorite toys are trucks, cars, balls, firetrucks and any kind of buckle or blocks / legos.  Lately you have been wanting to dress yourself and pick out your own clothes too.  Anything with Thomas the Train usually wins.  There are a few shows that catch your attention, but overall you don't really love television.   I have also seen a big change in your appetite and you are more particular about the food that you will eat.  You love pizza, oatmeal, fruit snacks, pastas and soups, bread and some veggies!  I am trying to be a better cook...hopefully someday I will master it.

You have made our world brighter over the past two are a true blessing in every sense.  Your pure energy and zest for life never ceases to amaze me!  We went to Chicago with the entire Giles' family a few weekends ago and you ran Millenium Park as if you were at a track meet.  Aunt Lisa and Aunt Jennine were cracking up and we even noticed a complete stranger taking a video of you because he thought you were so funny while you ran around and splashed in the water.  You are my fearless boy...while I hope that changes a little along the way, I pray that you always have that edge to go after your dreams and goals without any fear!

My little baby bear...I love you to the moon and back then back again and again after that to infinity...there are no words to describe a Mother's love.  I can only say that the past almost two years have been the best of my life.  I have learned more from you than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you for all of the lessons in life, but mostly about selfless love and giving.

Your second birthday is right around the corner and we have some exciting news to share on the next blog post.

Love you son!


A few of my favorite pics from September...

Grandpa Dan came up for a Seahawks game!  We all had our jersey's on.

Perkins Coie ZOO day!  You were a little fearful of the lizard :).

Your first time on the Subway in Chicago.  You did so good!

3-D Experience at The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago!  

Daddy & I in Chicago...Date night.

Cousins relaxing after a long day in Chicago.

Running laps and splashing in Millenium Park.

This is the face I get when I say, NO climbing on tables.  Hard not to laugh.

Nothing beats a ride on Dada's shoulders.

You and ShaSha sharing popcorn at Remlinger Farms.  

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