Thursday, August 8, 2013

Febrile Seizures. Scariest Night Ever. Carson's First Trip to the ER.

Baby feet - he was sound asleep in the ER while I laid with him and rubbed his back.

Our little guy gave me quite the scare the other night - I woke up with him next to me in bed seizing.  I knew he was very hot, but was skeptical of giving him more medication as I had administered Baby Tylenol earlier in the evening, so of course I put him next to me in bed.  He spiked a temperature (102.6 F - when EMT's checked it) and ended up having a febrile seizure (common in children under the age of 5 : 1 in 25 children have them occur, usually in males).

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It really was the most terrifying night of my life...seeing my child unconscious and not knowing what to do could quite possibly be the most angst a mother can face.  To top it off Bill had gone to a Mariner's game that evening and ended up staying with friends.  I had my bestie, Lisa Clark stay over - thank God and she helped us throughout the entire episode (called paramedics, kept me calm, stayed with us in the ER until 6 am when Carson's fever finally broke) - there aren't enough "thank you's" during a time like that.  A few things I learned from this horrific night (which actually is quite common and everything turned out okay):

1.  Manage your baby's temperature with Baby Ibuprofen and Baby Tylenol.  Switch medicine every 4 hours until the fever subsides.  Use cool (room temp) cloths to cool your baby / toddler.

2.  NEVER, EVER give your child a dose of medicine or put anything in they're mouth while they are seizuring.  Lay them on a flat surface and soft surface (one that they can't roll off) - and let them have the seizure.  Do not put them in cold water - they can go into shock.  Once it subsides take them to the ER right away.

3.  I also learned that a mother's love is that of a Mama Bear.  There is not one thing I wouldn't do for my son.  I would walk to the ends of earth and back and would switch places in a heartbeat.  The love and compassion is never ending and all consuming.  

4.  There are going to be times that I won't know what to do or how to handle certain situations.  Being a parent can be scary.  I am continually learning to go with the flow while at the same time being better equipped for the next go round.

Always learning, always watching, always there.  It is a constant full-time gig, being a parent.  Sometimes you will get caught off-guard, but you can handle it.  I am stronger than I think - mantra.

Carson - we love you SOOO very much.  You are such a good boy and SOOO much fun.  I will post more about that in the next couple of days.  This summer has been such a blast!  You have traveled, seen family on both sides and learn new things daily.  22 months is such a fun age...I can't believe you are going to be 2!  I have already started planning your birthday celebration!  xoxo Mama

A rough night in the ER for Bubba Bear...hated seeing him like this, but he was such a great sport.   He was very interested in all of the machines at the hospital. 

Popsicles made him happy the next day.  We relaxed and watched cartoons...we were all exhausted! 

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