Sunday, November 18, 2012

1 Year, 12 Months, 365 Days, 8766 hours...

Right before you ate your cake!  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday to Carson" loved every second!

Dear Carson,

Time is flying by too fast!  I am sitting here typing this on a Sunday evening, November 18th, 2012.  We celebrated your 1 year milestone birthday last Saturday in Circus style.  There must have been over 50 people there to share this celebration with us.  It was such an amazing party!  It's crazy to think a year has gone by in a blink of an eye.

And wow, what a difference a year makes.  You are now almost fully walking (taking about 10 steps or more at a time), whenever you hear music you love to dance and's awesome!  I always say that you are going to have rhythm, my little dancing boy!  We also never know what is going to come out of your mouth - it's so fun!  Lately you have been saying "tickle" comes out as "ticka, ticka, ticka" of course "Dada" and kitty cat comes out as "titta tat".  You also love to say "thank you" which comes out as "tantu".  You love to talk, talk, talk.  You have always been very vocal.  I am happy to say that at one you are still happy as ever.  However when you are tired you like to hit me and Dada.  The other night you also bit my chin.  I said, "no, no Carson" your response was giggles and smiles and they you tried it again.  I try to be stern, but seeing you laugh makes me want to laugh with you!  I guess I will need to work on that.  You are quite the character.  I have a feeling we have the class clown and biggest flirt rolled into one!  Watch out world...I guess paybacks!

Here are a few places you have been over the past year:

1. January 2012 / Summer 2012 - Hood Canal, Millwood.  You will spend many summer days here.  The beach house is a haven for all of the kids.  You loved swimming in the pool with Grammy, seeing all of your cousins, picking seashells and all of the fresh air!  It's an amazing place to be and you are a lucky boy to have a place like this to retreat.  Grammy and Grampa Giles have every necessity you could ever ask for and then some!!  You will love the bunk beds someday!

2.  February 2012 - Mt. Hood for the annual Crocker Ski trip.  There were 3 cabins full of family and friends...amazing trip!  There will be many more trips to Mt. Hood with the Crocker clan.  You were just a few months old on this trip, so no skiing yet, but you loved going to breakfast at Huckleberry Inn with me and Dada.  I even enjoyed my first Bloody Mary since having you that weekend.  We also loved snuggling with you in Half Pint.  Of course family time was great too!  Bene and Auntie Steph took turns rocking you to sleep...they loved it and so did you!

3.  December 2011 & May 2012 - LaGrande, OR.  I have a feeling this will be a regular trip for us.  We love going to LaGrande to visit the Miller Party of 5.  Your cousins, Auntie Steph and Uncle E love you oh so much!  In December JJ, you and I took a road trip to visit.  On this trip we watched MaKenna, Mason and Morgann perform in their Christmas programs.  It was wonderful.  In May just you and I took a road trip to LG...I needed some sister time and I think Auntie needed to see you.  I was a little nervous taking you on a 6 hour road trip by myself, but you did great. I was so impressed!

4.  June 2012 - St. Louis, MO.  We celebrated Meghan Matter's wedding with your Grammy Barb's family.  It was so much fun to see everyone and celebrate such a beautiful wedding.  All of your Giles cousins were there and they loved and doted on you...especially sweet Mira.  You got your first St. Louis Cards outfit and your great Aunts just thought you were the cutest thing!  You went to your first theme park too!  Daddy, Grampa Giles and your Uncles loved all of the roller loved splashing in the water park!

5.  September 2012 - Lake Chelan, WA.  We spent Labor Day weekend with the Williams enjoying the beauty of the Eastern side of the state.  Mommy and Daddy have spent the past 5 Labor Day weekends (minus 2011) going to the Chelan and the Gorge to see Dave Matthews with the Williams.  This year was no different, except that we had our sweet boy with us and they had they're sweet Brook with them!!  They baby-sat for you while Daddy and I went to the concert.  It was one of our first date nights...we missed you, but it was definitely fun and needed!  The rest of the weekend was spent frolicking in the sand and water, exploring the grounds and you playing with baby Brook and the dogs, Rosco and Daisy.  You loved it!

6.  October 2012 - Orlando, FL.  Yes that's right you have already been to Disneyworld...and it was AWESOME!  I have to admit I was a little nervous about the flight (6 hours), but you did great there and back.  We spent your Uncle Steve's 40th, Auntie Lisa's 38th and Momma's 34th birthdays celebrating at the Happiest Place on Earth.  It was a surprise trip for Steve's went off without a hitch.  We spent a few days at the Magic Kingdom, a day at Epcot, a day at the Wild Kingdom and Downtown Disney.  You were in awe and or asleep most of the time.  It was warm and sunny and just beautiful.  There were 16 of us there!!  Uncle JD traveled with us there and back and you sure do love him!  Grammy and Grampa Giles stayed in the room right next to us and you loved crawling from room to room.  Your Daddy and I took you out to dinner one night (just the 3 of us) and I remember us laughing hysterically because you ate non-stop from the time we sat down to the time we paid.  You loved trying all of the new foods!

There are plenty of other places we went during your first year.  You pretty much have rolled with the flow since day one.  Your Daddy and I are so proud of you.  You continue to amaze us every single day. You may now be considered a toddler, but I am pretty sure you will always be my baby.  My sweet baby Carson...who fills my heart to the brim with joy.  Sometimes I catch myself looking at you in awe.  I can't believe that little old me contributed to creating something so beautiful and wonderful.  I am sure every parent feels this way, but to write it down and say is pretty amazing!

Pics of your birthday to were too cute in your hat and onesie.

Love you,


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