Monday, September 24, 2012


Here we are a little less than two months away from Carson's first did that happen so fast?  Our little man is 10-months and 3-weeks old.  He is growing right along, making us laugh and smile and say "no-no" at every turn along the way.  The last time we weighed him was at his 9 month appointment and he won't have another well baby check until the one year mark.  So today I decided to hop on the scale with him and he is a healthy 24.5 lbs.  He still has 8 teeth and I think a few more are on their way as he is chewing anything he can get his little hands on.  As for baby food...he won't touch it!  Carson loves chicken, ribs, meatloaf, vegetables and anything that we eat!  He is cruising along the furniture, standing for a few seconds at a time and walks while pushing his toys along the floor.  He did take a few steps the other night and quickly sat his booty on the floor once he realize he was walking without a toy.  He hasn't done this since, but Bill and I keep waiting...walking will come soon I am sure.  Carson is a playful little guy, he loves to talk and gab and sing and laugh...AND sometimes push our limits.  For example, tonight while I was putting him down he didn't want to sleep so he kept gently hitting me in the face.  I would say, "no no Carson, you don't hit Mommy" every time I said that he would just laugh and do it again.  And sometimes when I change his diaper he kicks his legs so hard or will put his legs up for as long as possible so I'm not able to fasten it.  He just laughs because he knows exactly what he is doing...he thinks it is so funny!  Oh geez we could be in trouble ;)!

On the homefront he has become quite the Daddy's boy.  We have spent the last few weekends staying close to home and making small adventures to local hot spots (Home Depot and Remlinger Farms).  Carson clings to his Daddy and loves to snuggle with him.  I watch their bond grow everyday and it is wonderful to see this develop.  We always ask Carson, "where is Mommy" or "where is Daddy" and now he will point to us and knows who is who.  We will get pictures out of our families and point to who each person is - he loves it and claps.  We also Skype regularly with the Millers and JJ and Grandpa Dan.

On Saturday morning the three of us snuggled in bed (since Carson wakes at about 6 am - will we ever sleep in again?) and Bill showed Carson videos that we have taken of him over the past month.  Carson held the phone and was mesmerized of videos of him splashing in the bathtub and taking his first few steps.  His favorite words are 'baba' 'mamaama' 'dadada' and 'nighnigh'.  I believe he is starting to put meaning to each of these words!  Sometimes he will sing his words too...I love to hear this! 

Our busy boy is about as curious as they come!  He opens every drawer, cupboard and door.  He loves to sit at the front door window and look outside.  I catch myself being completely shocked by how strong he is!  We put a gate with a chair in front of the hall...this did not stop him.  Our boy moved the chair and sped crawled to the stairs where he then crawled right up those!  I hope his determination is a trait that will stay with him.  When Bill and I dance and sing, he will move his little body right along with is adorable!  As his personality develops I love to see his fun spirit!  He likes to see his buddies, and absolutely loves his baby-sitter aka Second Mom, Andrea and her son, Aidan.  I pick him up from their house and often times he would be happy to stay there.  I have said it before and I will say it again...'there could be worse things then having your child LOVE their caretaker'.  As a working Mom I feel truly blessed!  I could go on and on for days with every little change that is taking place during just the last few weeks.  I watch his brain work...I watch him thinking and piecing this world together building a foundation of knowledge.

In a crazy way I find hard to believe it has almost been a year since we had Carson enter our life, but at the same time I can't believe we lived without him for so long!  Now time to start the first birthday party planning...SO excited!!!

Always a smiling face when it is time for a walk!

Family day at Remlinger Farms.  We went with the Knight family.

Daddy and Carson posing at Remlinger.

Good times!

Carson being "curious"

He loves Andrea!

I couldn't resist dressing him up in his Halloween costume a month in a half early!  Can you believe Mason wore this one!

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