Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost 8 Months & Sister. Cousin. Weekend.

Wow how time really does fly when you are having fun!  My baby boy is almost 8 months and I am absolutely LOVING this age!  He makes Bill and I laugh so hard, he is chalk full of personality, smiles and even kisses!!  If I ask for a kiss he opens his mouth and goes in for one, it is awesome.  Carson has two bottom teeth and 3 of his top teeth are almost fully in.  Everyday we see him do something new or take his newly learned skills a step further.  This keeps us on our toes and boy is Carson a busy little guy.  He is trying to stand by crawling up on anything he can get his hands on, he babbles endlessly and I could listen to him all day.  I am pretty sure he is going to be a talker like his Mom and Dad...we will have a house full of talkers I am sure.  We went to visit the Miller fam in La Grande last weekend, it was just me and Carson on the open road for 6 hours.  Can I just say he is an awesome travel buddy!  He slept, babbled, played with teething toys!  I don't think I could love this boy more, he is our pride & joy.  The weekend was great and he loved spending time with his cousins.  Mason and Carson especially bonded over the weekend.  I love that when we first pulled up Mason saw us drive in and came sprinting over from his friend's house, shouting "Carson! Carson!".  These two boys sure do love each other.  Here are some recent pics!  Life sure is sweet...

Yes Mason is sporting a blue faux hawk!

Me and my boys!

Look at his two bottom teeth!!

We call this thee, "You better have more food" face.

I HEART them!

Hang time with Auntie

My smiling lil' dude!

Mason & Carson...can't believe Mason is 8!!

Boy does Carson love his Daddy!


  1. where is the love button - thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, 8 months is awesome. They really do seem to begin to have a personality. :)