Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Carson...5 Months Old Today!

Right after nap time = a very happy boy! 4/5/2012

We made it to the 5 month mark!  Carson is still in one piece, Bill and I are still married and life is starting to feel...well normal again!  Slowly, but surely the three of us have found our stride and have settled nicely into a "new" routine.  I am able work from home one day a week which is nice.  During the week we tend to be home bound, however slowly but surely we are starting to venture out more on evenings and weekends.  I love being social again, seeing friends and making play dates.  Carson is always up for an adventure and loves to people watch and be outdoors!

I had no idea what being a Mom would entail, but have quickly come to realize it is the BEST thing ever in the whole wide world!  I have loved every minute of watching my baby learn new tricks and grow right before my eyes.  I now get the saying, "time flies" as it feels like yesterday he was just a little peanut weighing less than 9 lbs. and snuggling in.  Now he is twice that size and rolling around like crazy (although lucky me he does still likes to snuggle).

 Here is what our little guy is up to:

1.  Talking more and making lots of noise.  He loves it when I blow on his tummy and make a silly  face.  He is always smiling and if we get lucky he laughs out loud for us!
2.  Scooting and scooting some more!  He puts his little booty in the air and scoots forward to get a toy or an object he wants to fetch or put in his mouth.  He can scoot across the living room floor.
3.  Rolling all over the place!
4.  Eating rice cereal and pureed Sweet Potatoes...I have given it to him a few times and he is a good little eater.  I can't wait to introduce him to new foods next week!
5. Moving from one end of his crib to the other.  This boy is a mover!
6. He talks himself to sleep.

Carson is such a happy and good-natured baby.  I say "talks" himself to sleep because he rarely cries.  If he is fussy there is a reason for it and it usually involves being hungry or tired (or both).  He is easily content and finds ways to entertain himself.  Last night I let Carson tire himself out for a good 45 minutes in his crib.  I wanted to see if he would cry or put himself to sleep.  He ended up just rolling around in his crib and talking up a storm.  Once he was tired he fussed (a little) and that was my cue to rock him back to sleep. 

Here are some pics of our lil' guy! 

Surrounded by his stuffed animals while I sang him Happy Birthday! 4/6/2012

Can't we just sleep in Mom??  4/3/2012

Trying to put his feet in his mouth.

A beautiful day at Hood Canal.

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