Monday, January 9, 2012

Carson is 9 Weeks & Talking ??? I guess he isn't really "talking" per say, but he is making lots of noises and finding his "voice".  Before we know it he will be saying "Dada" , "Mama" and "No" :).  Carson continues to make us smile ear to ear everday.  He is such a happy baby and easily content.  He is advancing right in front of our eyes and I am treasuring every moment of baby bliss.  He will bat at dangling toys, coo back at me, he gives endless smiles, and he actually rolled over the other day.  We give him tummy time which he loves and he is able to hold himself up like a pro.  More videos and pictures to come. 

Oh and his first Christmas was a success.  He has 4 doting Grandparents who love to spoil him :). 

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  1. A few doting Aunts, too! Love him. And you, of course! I can't believe he rolled over!! Stephanie