Monday, December 19, 2011

Where is the LOVE button?

Carson is 6 weeks old and needless to say we are enamored!  He smiles, coos, lifts his head to look around, roadtrips, cries when he is tired, stretches big, and just makes me and Bill the happiest and proudest parents around.  He is a great are some pics from the past few weeks.  Almost Christmas time, baby's first - I am so excited to start all of the fun traditions with my bundle of joy!

Carson with his cousins - first road trip 12/11 - 12/14.  We left Daddy at home and went on a road trip to La Grande to visit the Miller crew.  JJ drove while Carson and Mommy sat in the back.  He was such a good boy and slept almost the whole time.  Gave Mommy and JJ time to chat.  Grandpa Dan and Daddy were missing, they will make the next trip!

Mommy & Carson chilling in the backseat on our road trip.

Santa Carson

Dr. said that Carson is in 95th percentile for height and weight, he also said that he was a "showing off" when he lifted his head so well, neck control is amazing!  Needless to say we are proud parents.  Carson now smiles, coos, cries when sleepy, lifts his head for 2 minutes at a time and drinks from a bottle (Daddy loves to feed him).

Proud Daddy

Proud Mama!  Look at those blue eyes on Carson, wow!

Carson checking himself out - looking good buddy :)

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