Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Last Hurrah!

Just celebrated my 33rd birthday weekend!  It was a great one...loved it, although my best present has yet to arrive.  As our "last hurrah" Bill and I had the most amazing dinner at Canlis restaurant with our friends Bobby and Bianca (who are also expecting in January) to kick-off the weekend. 

Pre-dinner cocktails or mocktails for me...looking VERY pregnant, but still wore 4" heels, ha!

Make a can probably guess that it was baby C arrives within the next week :)

Williams & Giles
with baby girl Williams and baby boy Giles

Large & in Charge
Bob and Bill
 Saturday we had friends over to eat pizza and watch the Cougs (unfortunately they lost, but we still had fun of course we did we are COUGS).  Melissa and Joe brought a birthday cake and everyone sang.  I received beautiful flowers from Barb and we got in a great visit.  Then another bouquet arrived from some very good friends of mine (Dori, Beth, and Katie) oh and Bill made a great breakfast!

I received a very sweet phone call from my sister and the M&M's singing me "Happy Birthday" to kick off my actual birthday!  Then more calls from Mom, Dad, Grandma Smith, Bob and Barb, and a few close fun to catch up with everyone!

LOVED these three singing me "Happy Birthday" and Stephanie chimed in too :)
 Sunday proved to be a great day!  I went with Lisa to get "birthday" pedicures at the Pro Club, amazing!  When we went to pay we found out Jennine had surprised us by paying for them, wow (thank you J)!  Pretty amazing weekend, pretty amazing family and friends, pretty happy girl right here!  They say a smile is the best make-up a girl can wear, well I must have been looking pretty good - 39 weeks prego or not!!!

Barb and I at baby shower #2
Lisa, Jennine and I at Carson's baby shower #1

Next up...Baby Carson's arrival, so excited!!!

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