Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9.10.11 - Carson's Baby Shower (Round 2)

Saturday was Carson's baby shower and it was all about love, love and more love.  About 30 of my friends and family were there to help celebrate this little bundle of joy.  It is hard to believe that baby C is less than 7 weeks from making his debut (that is if he comes on time, we shall see).  All I know is it felt really good to celebrate him with so many people I hold dear to my heart.  The generosity from everyone was amazing and I feel beyond lucky to have such a wonderful support system.  A big thank you to Stephanie, Meghan, and Grandma JJ for throwing such a beautiful shower. 

It's A Boy!
Teddy Bear cake - Raspberry & Vanilla my favorite!
Cake Pops!

Thank you Stephanie & Megs, we love you!
After the shower we played some football at the Middle School!

Makenna helped me unwrap gifts!

Grandma said, "This baby is taking over"...she might be right ;) 

Morgann can't wait to hold "Baby Cawson"  

Bill & Mason practicing their football skills.  Bill is going to be a great Dad!

Me and my first little man.  Mason I can't wait for you to teach Carson the ropes!
Some of my favorite people!

Love all of the shades of blue...


  1. You're such a cute preggo girl! luv ya megs

  2. cant wait to see carson way to go girl. dan