Wednesday, August 17, 2011

29 Weeks & Glucose testing for Gestational Diabetes

Baby BOOM!

I went to the Doc last week and had my glucose checked and the results came back high / abnormal.  Of course that means back to the lab for more testing.  So yesterday morning I went in for the additional tests, only to be sent home after the nurse had already poked me.  She asked if I had been fasting for the past 10 hours.  I thought, "couldn't she have asked this before giving me a shot?".  I then reluctantly admitted to the bagel bite and told her how small it was.  Didn't matter, she got upset with me and told me to leave in a very thick Russian accent.  I literally felt like I was being scolded at the principal's office and was sent home with a pink slip - all because of the tiniest bite of a bagel, my bad!

I went back this morning for round 2 with the same nurse.  Trying to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed after 10 hours of fasting and NO bagel bites!  Three hours, 4 shots, and one NASTY sugar drink later everything came back normal AND the nurse ended up being nice, phew!

I also had my regular Doctor appointment this morning (it has been a busy day).  Baby is measuring right on and his heartbeat was in the low 140's.  He has been kicking and moving around quite a bit lately, but today especially.  Now we are in the home stretch.  It is getting down to decision-making time.  Need to find a pediatrician, get an insurance plan, finish the baby's room, finalize all of the hospital details.  We have decided against taking birthing classes - sometimes the less you know the better (at least for me, ignorance can be bliss).

I also have to add that there is quite the baby boom amongst friends and family!  I have 4 baby showers to go to over the next five weekends (including my own).  And plenty more after is so much fun celebrating these bundles of joy.  It really is what life is all about, celebrating beautiful moments with the people you love!

Carson's first Christmas ornament - this makes me excited for all of the things to be!


  1. thanks for sharing - all is well and can't we are anxious love mom

  2. Ha! All that and you are fine. Good thing. Note to Mommy, listen to the orders. I've learned that lesson, too. You have about 2 months left. Enjoy them! Stephanie

  3. I liked the part of missing the classes. keep it simple dan